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So what is the plan. News. Update. MASSIVE SALE.

Everything is going a little bit mad at the moment,  My anxiety it’s of the scale at the moment over the whole situation which I am sure is the same for many, and normally when my mental health takes a knock, I tend to go in to radio silence and close myself away from the world and wait for myself to see the sunshine again.  I understand that don’t help my customers at all. So, this time I am aiming to keep you all up to date.  My little ones are now home from school so most of my day is spent doing fun activities and trying to make educational subjects’ fun and interesting.


So as a result of this online updates will be few and far between I am also pushing back the next shop update which I was planning for 4/4/20 so I’m going to skip April update instead I will be holding a sale on all items currently in stock, this sale will also extend to items that are made to order. Any pembrokeshire colourways items that are not currently in stock will also have a discount of up to 20% there will be a turnaround of up to 2 weeks for colourways. This sale takes effect as from  today 18/3/2020 and this will continue throughout the rest of march.  This is a massive sale with huge reductions. The next shop update will be June 5/5/2020. This will be a super update.


Sadly, there are no  craft classes for the foreseeable future, but I don’t want my students to feel left out with no help or support. To anyone who has been coming to any of my classes recently or who are currently working on projects and need a little help or guidance please email me on and I will do my best to help you with your projects any way I can.


Lastly everyone please stay safe, look after yourselfs and your loved ones.

love from us all from Hooks and dye.



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Good bye spark.

Good bye spark.

“The yellow shop up on the hill”.

Sadly the arts and crafts co operative in haverfordwest has now closed its doors.

Spark had been a co-op for about 4years. With a vision from a few local crafter’s to help other local crafter’s.

It was a wonderful shop helping fellow crafter’s in the local area having a platform where they could sell there items. I would affectionately call the shop “Etsy but on the high street”.

But sadly this is to be no more. All the behind the scenes work that goes on In to running a business, even if it is a co operative. It is not for the faint hearted. And towards the end people who were able to help keep the shop open was becoming less and less.

Hooks and dye had been part of spark for 3 years and I really enjoyed my time being part of a wonderful co operative that had a real love for local arts and crafts.

I wish all the fellow crafter’s who were with spark all the best for the future and with all they do. I’m sure we will see each other out and about on the craft fair circuit.

But as one door closes another door always opens. So let’s see where the journey will take us. Hop in. We are off on a adventure.

Speak soon.

Lucy B