Services. Commissions. Wholesale.

local craft classes.

I teach lots of different wool classes at clares craft centre on ferry lane Pembroke dock. they update their class list monthly you can find there Facebook page on the stocklists page.

I also teach crochet classes down in house craft of Milford haven marina this class is 1.5 hrs long on a Wednesday afternoon. find out more.

Commissions. Sometimes I will accept spinning commissions. so if you have a pet sheep and would like some its fleece spun up please contact me.

Wholesale.  I can provide my hand crafted yarns for your shop. To find out more please contact me.

Local schools around Pembrokeshire.  I’m aware  that some schools around the local area learn about the story rumplestiltskin, and also the production of fibres and old wool crafts.  If you would like me to come in to demonstrate and do a talk about these topics please contact me.