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Materials needed yellow DK or any colour you want your daffodil to be. Size 4mm crochet hook. Or if you want it to be tighter use 3.5mm hook. These patterns are written in US terms.

Daffodil pattern.

Ch 2

Row 1: 6sc in to the second chain from hook. Put stich marker in place.

Row 2: 2sc in to each sc total of 12sc.

Row 3: Working in back loops only 1 sc in to each sc round (12sc)

Row4,5,6:  1 sc in each sc.

Row7: 1 slip st, ch3, 1 slip st into same stich, (picot stich) *slip 3, ch3, slip in same stich*, repeat*-* till you have 4 picots. Tie off.

Row 8: Attach yarn (1a). ch 4, 1 treble treble cluster over 3 loops, starting in the first loop the ch4 started from, ch1, (picot) ch3, slip in to top of cluster. ch 4 slip stich in bottom of the last treble treble. Move over to next stich repeat. Should have 4 petals.

(1a). Attach yarn to the front loops at the bottom of flower, where you worked the back loops only, you will see that the stiches are a little different. Attach your yarn to any one of these with a slip stich.

Treble treble cluster. Wrap yarn around hook 3 times, then insert yarn into and bring up loop. Wrap yarn round and bring through 2 loops 3 times but before you finish the stich. You repeat the pattern again. Wrap around 3 times and insert into next loop over.  When you have done this 3 times you will yarn over and pull through all loops on your hook to close off stich brining the top of the 3 stiches together.  This is a cluster. Using the treble treble stich.






Leek pattern. Dk yarn and 4mm hook.

Ch2, 6sc in the second chain from hook.  Slip close ring.  Put stich marker in place.

Row1. Working in front loops only. 1sc, ch5, 4sc, 1sc into bottom sc repeat round end slip stitch in first slip stitch *1dc, ch5, 1dc in each chain back down*, repeat *-* till you have 6 frilly bits.

Row2- working in back loops 1 sc in each sc round (6sc)

Row3-9 1dc in each sc round.

Row10- row15 change over to white yarn.

You may want to fill the inside of your leek if you wish to give it some more stability you can achieve this by using a pencil.

Row16 dec 2, 3 times. Close off add a brooch pin.


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A little thank you goes along way.

So the time has come where tired little people get to spend six weeks relaxing. After spending a whole year building relationships and learning new skills and just growing up. And it’s at this time of year we all just like to say thank you to the other main adult in our children’s life besides us. Yes thats it. It’s the teachers. The ones that will effect our children’s lives now, no matter how small the action.

I even now remember them special teachers that I had growing up. So we all agreed on mug of love. I had made these before for previous teachers but I had just used acrylic yarns and not put much towards it. Budget was a factor too. Also my little ones were a bit smaller and them times before it was more a thank you from me for the child care and not so much from the children.

But this year was different, they were awear and wanted to say thank you from them. So this year we really went for it and said a big thank you.

So we dyed our own wool. ” Just like mummy”. Just for our mug hugs. We then went to choose our mugs for our teachers.

buttons were hand made from the magpies eye. She has a Facebook page. She makes fantastic resin buttons she can even make clocks and all sorts of items. Check out her Facebook page. The magpie eye

These are all the little added extras I had placed in. I made some cloth make up remover pads. A bag charm or magnet and tea, coffee and hot chocolate.

The bag charms and magnets were from

tilly and muffin too.

Then for the finishing touch cello wrap to wrap up the mug which had these wonderful butterflies on them. These really were a joy to make and the huge smiles from the kids and teachers. What a amazing way to say thank you.

Now to get ready for the six weeks of fun and adventure. Wishing you all a fantastic summer. See you all on the other side

Take care

All the best

Hooks and dye.

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Solar dye. Worshiping the sun.

Hi everyone.

Hasn’t it been hot. Here in the UK we are brakeing records. But sadly with such hot weather comes upset, and currently my thoughts are going out to people just outside Manchester who are close to the moor fire. Hopefully we just have a little bit of rain just to help you guys out abit. Such a sad event.

But today I’m talking solar dye.

So earlier on in the year I took on snow dyeing useing the water to help the dye, and now I’m asking the elements again to help me to set the dye by useing the heat from the sun.

These are my little jars of dye. Here I am working with blue faced Leicester fleace from a farm in Pembrokeshire. So very much locally sourced fleace.

I have washed it and separated it in to smaller peices, made up the soultion in the jars placed the fleace in and now going to let the sun do all the work in setting the dye.

These are just a few I had done earlier on in the week and are currently drying nicely. The locks are on these are beautiful. I have done a selection of different colours. But definitely looking forward to the results from the current solar dye. I have some purples and blues going on. So I bet they are going to look stunning when they have finished.

This picture was taken earlier on in the week. There are some parts of the fleace that I have left natural locks and some that I have carded up on the drum carder as well ready to make art batts. Some of the locks were really stuck together, I found I had to open the locks up first with he hand carders to then be able to use the drum carder. So there are many options.

So this is just a small snippet of what I have been up to lately.

I do hope your all having a wonderful time in the sun shine, and not in to much discomfort. Also a little bit of rain please. Just to dampen the ground alittle. That would be great.

Signing off

Take care.

Hooks and dye.

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The magpie and goblin fractal spin.

So browsing the world of Fbook as you do and this beautiful flash of colours appear. I’m currently trying to save for wonderwool Wales. But this just sang to me. Fractal spinning with out the weighing. Now that’s my cup of tea. Check this out.

Such beautiful fluffy fiber.

A magpie took my money!

So when it arrived, Tinkerbell (my Ashford joy) and I set about spinning this and it was a dream. The purpose of the rolags and the batt is fiber that has been split up in to equal weight. You spin the batt for a long colour change, then spin the rolags for a quicker colour change then you set out to ply the two together. This works up at being a fractal spin.

This is the rolags spin.
The batt spun up and then turned in to a cake.
Left is batt right is rolags

I always cake my spun yarns before I ply them. I find that this is a great way of using all the yarn even if one of the cakes runs out before the other one. I will show why, further down.

I find that this is difficult to do when the yarn is still on the bobbin.

So I have plyed the yarns and one had finished before the other. Then I’m left with this little ball of excess yarn. So what I do I take the other end of the cake and attach it to where it’s finished and start to ply that small amount back on its self. So then no yarn is left behind.

Ply in action
On the niddy noddy
Such a flash of colour

long change of colours mixed with a the short colour changes are just a dream.

Also all the neps of silk added in this combination just makes it even more magical.

So quick recap, the fiber mixture in this is a mouth watering, raw silk, tussah silk, bfl, and merino and if you like the look of this and or want to have a go at fractal spinning with out all the fuss of having to weigh it out the crew at magpie and goblin have got that covered.

Don’t believe me see for yourself then pop along to magpie and goblin

Also keep a eye out for the goats. 🐐

Now off to set the twist.

Take care x