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Materials needed yellow DK or any colour you want your daffodil to be. Size 4mm crochet hook. Or if you want it to be tighter use 3.5mm hook. These patterns are written in US terms.

Daffodil pattern.

Ch 2

Row 1: 6sc in to the second chain from hook. Put stich marker in place.

Row 2: 2sc in to each sc total of 12sc.

Row 3: Working in back loops only 1 sc in to each sc round (12sc)

Row4,5,6:  1 sc in each sc.

Row7: 1 slip st, ch3, 1 slip st into same stich, (picot stich) *slip 3, ch3, slip in same stich*, repeat*-* till you have 4 picots. Tie off.

Row 8: Attach yarn (1a). ch 4, 1 treble treble cluster over 3 loops, starting in the first loop the ch4 started from, ch1, (picot) ch3, slip in to top of cluster. ch 4 slip stich in bottom of the last treble treble. Move over to next stich repeat. Should have 4 petals.

(1a). Attach yarn to the front loops at the bottom of flower, where you worked the back loops only, you will see that the stiches are a little different. Attach your yarn to any one of these with a slip stich.

Treble treble cluster. Wrap yarn around hook 3 times, then insert yarn into and bring up loop. Wrap yarn round and bring through 2 loops 3 times but before you finish the stich. You repeat the pattern again. Wrap around 3 times and insert into next loop over.  When you have done this 3 times you will yarn over and pull through all loops on your hook to close off stich brining the top of the 3 stiches together.  This is a cluster. Using the treble treble stich.






Leek pattern. Dk yarn and 4mm hook.

Ch2, 6sc in the second chain from hook.  Slip close ring.  Put stich marker in place.

Row1. Working in front loops only. 1sc, ch5, 4sc, 1sc into bottom sc repeat round end slip stitch in first slip stitch *1dc, ch5, 1dc in each chain back down*, repeat *-* till you have 6 frilly bits.

Row2- working in back loops 1 sc in each sc round (6sc)

Row3-9 1dc in each sc round.

Row10- row15 change over to white yarn.

You may want to fill the inside of your leek if you wish to give it some more stability you can achieve this by using a pencil.

Row16 dec 2, 3 times. Close off add a brooch pin.


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Monday Monday


Well another week has started. We have all just about somehow come through to the other side of half term, and now all back to normal. Kids back to school and me back to work.


So, what do I have planned for the next few weeks ahead?


Shop update: There will be a shop update coming. 3/3/2020. at 8pm. This will be a small shop update, but still all updates big and small are all good right.

New colourway for the Pembrokeshire collection to be launched. I have been working on a new colourway to add to my Pembrokeshire collection. This colourway has been a mash of ideas from Ruth at the crafty frog in Tenby and me.  So excited for that to launch. There is no date for this yet, but it will definitely be after the shop update.

New pattern.  For St David’s day. I will be uploading a pattern that I have made for a daffodil and a leek. I made these for a local crochet class that I teach.  The patterns are going to be free, and they will be released this friday just in time for  st davids day.


Thats all for now.

Take care.



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Well what on earth was that all about.

2020 what was you. Apart from a complete mess. There was no let up this year at all. Just been one knock after another all year long. So many people have suffered and so many have lost so much this year that I feel a fraud saying the words merry Christmas, simply because I know for so many it wont be merry.

So. Instead im going to ramble on a little bit about how much this year has changed for me and the next steps for hooks and dye.

January everything was lovely a normal day in a normal life.

We went to a local beach. Blow away the cobwebs. Our post Christmas walk.,

Everything was lovely I was taking lots of pictures of my wools, finally getting the website set up and keeping on top of it.

Little did we know what was around the corner.

Learning from home and doing a bit of science for school.

I very quickly then had to make changes and instantly set up a school on my kitchen table. But I understand that I was completely fortunate to be able to do this for my children. We learnt so much together. I honestly think I learnt more about fractions this time round than I did when I was in school. In saying that hooks and dye had to be put on hold, all classes was cancelled, And we spent our time learning new and different things. Even about growing food.

We grew are own food.

Then summer came and we was allowed out side, to breath the air. I had a few custom orders throughout the year that helped me loads. And I was able to blance then nicely with the little one’s.

View from pembrokeshire hills

Everything was starting to get back to normal, children was back at school, they had started new schools, new years, new teachers. Everything was new. I had even gotten my self a new job. I had earned a job working in a local warehouse for a local Internet wool packing business. Teenis wool cymru. And everything changed. My mental health had started to improve it was so nice to contribute to the financial household pot.

The most recent plus side to this. Is that I have been able to add a solar power set up to my workshop in the garden.

We have free power.

So I now have more access to the workshop. I have more available lighting set up. So I have more working hour options.

So what is next for hooks and dye. Well in all honesty I dont know. I have no direction for hooks and dye in 2021 I have been doing alot of different crafts and I will still be dyeing yarn and fiber and spinning yarns for sale. It really is a case of just roll on nicely, and see how things play out. The shop will remain open and I will still by contributing to my stockiests. Massive shout out to the crafty frog. Tenby. Yarn for the soulClares craft center.. And In house for all your support in 2020. You have all been amazing. Thank you for stocking my yarns and supporting hooks and dye. Also thank you to all the customers and the commissions that I have had over 2020. It has been great working for you.

So here is to 2021. Lets see what happens. But most of all stay safe. Keep washing your hands. And keep doing what you possibly can to help support others.

Merry Christmas everyone and have a healthy and safe new year. Hooks and dye will see you all in 2021.

Festive wishes from the Hooks and Dye camp.

Lucy B.

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So what is the plan. News. Update. MASSIVE SALE.

Everything is going a little bit mad at the moment,  My anxiety it’s of the scale at the moment over the whole situation which I am sure is the same for many, and normally when my mental health takes a knock, I tend to go in to radio silence and close myself away from the world and wait for myself to see the sunshine again.  I understand that don’t help my customers at all. So, this time I am aiming to keep you all up to date.  My little ones are now home from school so most of my day is spent doing fun activities and trying to make educational subjects’ fun and interesting.


So as a result of this online updates will be few and far between I am also pushing back the next shop update which I was planning for 4/4/20 so I’m going to skip April update instead I will be holding a sale on all items currently in stock, this sale will also extend to items that are made to order. Any pembrokeshire colourways items that are not currently in stock will also have a discount of up to 20% there will be a turnaround of up to 2 weeks for colourways. This sale takes effect as from  today 18/3/2020 and this will continue throughout the rest of march.  This is a massive sale with huge reductions. The next shop update will be June 5/5/2020. This will be a super update.


Sadly, there are no  craft classes for the foreseeable future, but I don’t want my students to feel left out with no help or support. To anyone who has been coming to any of my classes recently or who are currently working on projects and need a little help or guidance please email me on and I will do my best to help you with your projects any way I can.


Lastly everyone please stay safe, look after yourselfs and your loved ones.

love from us all from Hooks and dye.



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Free postage this weekend.

The code is freepostage

This weekend I am offering free postage to all customers who wish to treat their mums to something nice for Mother’s Day. So, it gives you plenty of time to get the gifts to you so then you can treat your mums to the surprise the following weekend.


Is your mum a crafty person, does she make wonderful items with wool, weather she knits or crochets, or even weaves, give her the gift of luxury this Mother’s day and let her craft with some natural one of a kind hand dyed wool, that will make her smile. and on the plus side you get free postage.


You may be a mum yourself and you may just want to treat yourself. You may not be mum even dads are welcome to treat them self’s too. Even if you’re not a parent and you want to take advantage of some free postage that is totally fine to.


This is for one weekend only.  from 13/03/2020— 15/03/2020.