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Good bye spark.

Good bye spark.

“The yellow shop up on the hill”.

Sadly the arts and crafts co operative in haverfordwest has now closed its doors.

Spark had been a co-op for about 4years. With a vision from a few local crafter’s to help other local crafter’s.

It was a wonderful shop helping fellow crafter’s in the local area having a platform where they could sell there items. I would affectionately call the shop “Etsy but on the high street”.

But sadly this is to be no more. All the behind the scenes work that goes on In to running a business, even if it is a co operative. It is not for the faint hearted. And towards the end people who were able to help keep the shop open was becoming less and less.

Hooks and dye had been part of spark for 3 years and I really enjoyed my time being part of a wonderful co operative that had a real love for local arts and crafts.

I wish all the fellow crafter’s who were with spark all the best for the future and with all they do. I’m sure we will see each other out and about on the craft fair circuit.

But as one door closes another door always opens. So let’s see where the journey will take us. Hop in. We are off on a adventure.

Speak soon.

Lucy B

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