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Dyeing in the snow.

We had quite a bit of snow this year all at different random times and places that don’t normally get snow go quite a bit.

The first time the snow hit we wasn’t at home so I wasn’t able to do any snow dyeing.

Lucky I got a second chance. Pembrokeshire had another run with the white stuff. So I managed to get out and grab some quick before the little ones got to it.

Below is what happened.

Totally one of a kind and won’t be repeated. That’s what I love about snow dyeing totally unique, and can never be planned.

3 thoughts on “Dyeing in the snow.

  1. Love the colours, and love the idea that you can use snow. I have never dyed yarn but would love to have a go, as for snow, well, we hardly ever get it here on the NW coast

    1. Colours will become totally random. If you do find your self wanting to give it ago you can do the same with ice.

      1. I will have to find a place that does yarn that I can dye and give it a go.

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